Expanda Fuzz release new song and Earth, Wind & Fire cover 

Do you remember the 21st day of September? 

Announcing our latest single 'Sonic Halo' b/w the Earth, Wind & Fire song 'September'. 

We recorded 'September' as a tribute to Maurice White, who passed away in 2016. He was the founder, producer and co-singer of Earth, Wind & Fire

September is an iconic party track that we've loved since we were kids. This is our take. Sing along with us. 

RIP Maurice. 

You can watch and hear the brilliant original here: 


released September 21, 2016, natch!

Expanda Fuzz release 'Hired Gun' 

Illustration by meltingplastic

New track everyone!

From the album "Bleuets", releasing August 15th, 2016.

Also available on limited vinyl on Meltingplastic Records.


HIRED GUN (lyrics) 

Lie in sun, pollute the beach 
I hear you spoiled the fun 

Could it be ours to break and mortify everyone? 

Lovers hide in hushed retreats 
It’s exercise for some 

You’ll find me by the pool, relaxing this hired gun 

On your politico 

Don’t break your stereo 

Tempting fate is how we’ll roll through town 

Lie in sun, pollute the beach 
I hear you spoiled the FUN! 

You’ll find me by the pool with this hired gun. 

----Copyright Expanda Fuzz-----

Expanda Fuzz covers Rough Trade’s High School Confidential 

Illustration by meltingplastic

Covers are always fun and this one was a blast. 

Expanda Fuzz was recently asked to contribute a Canadian cover song to a great collective of musicians here in Ottawa called ‘The Centretown Recording Alliance‘ to celebrate Canada Day. 

We chose the iconic Rough Trade song High School Confidential and thought that it was the perfect track as Canada Day also coincided with the Pride celebrations going on in Toronto that weekend.

Meltingplastic’s artwork for the track pays tribute to Carole Pope‘s lyrics during the song when she compares her fixation to 50s bombshells, including Mamie Van Doren

And just the mention of that name will put Ms. Pope’s iconic, sultry lyrics bouncing around your head. 

We’re liking this cover and hope you think we did it justice:



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"This two-piece would be equally at home playing to the beard-strokers at a Warhol Factory Party as they would be ignoring their neighbour’s angry knocks for making too much racket in the garage". - Sled Island

"Sometimes some stripped back rock'n'roll is just enough, add in the darker garage edge, and that's enough boxes ticked for me!" - Beehive Candy

"Expanda Fuzz may be my new favorite band." - Brent Oliver, Artistic Director, Up + DT Festival, on Twitter

Expanda Fuzz
was conceived attempting to rip apart a Pink Floyd song with a distorted bass and a fuzz-driven guitar through a ripped speaker cabinet...while playing to a Roland 404 sampler. The result of that experiment can be heard on the duo’s new record ‘Bleuets’, where they showcase their brand of catchy, droney, post-punk songs that hook heavily into a psych-garage sound.

Think Kim Deal fronting the Velvet Underground, or Mary Timony jamming with Suicide. And while that initial Pink Floyd cover has yet to surface, many more Expanda Fuzz releases are planned for 2017.


Photo by Andrew Carver

Photo by Andrew Carver

Photo by Andrew Carver

Photo by Andrew Carver