RIYL: Distorted bass, droney-garage-pop melodies, fuzzy-feedbacking guitars

Sounds like: The Breeders, Kid Congo Powers, The Velvet Underground, Suicide, Helium

Release Date: "Cotton Candy Jet Engine" - October 2018

Recommended singles: Ghosts and Flowers, Flavour: Zombie, The Last Of The Who Heads


“It’s like a cotton candy jet engine” 

First there was the idea to cover a Pink Floyd song. 

With a female voice. 

And a lot of layered fuzz distortion. 

And beats from a sampler. 

And played at a really, really slow tempo. 

That’s how Expanda Fuzz was born. 

In the three years since that little brainstorm, the duo has released multiple singles and an EP called ‘Bleuets’, selling out of all vinyl copies. All of their records have been independently released while adhering to a DIY ethic: They write their own songs, record them and create the artwork for each release. And as you can clearly see on their Bandcamp page, that eye-catching artwork is like a nightmare wrapped in a pop-art rainbow. 

Expanda Fuzz has honed their unique brand of catchy, droney, post-punk songs which has lead to this, their first LP: Cotton Candy Jet Engine. Three tracks have been previously released, but each has been remixed and remastered for the album. Six of the LP tracks are brand new to listeners. 

The band has played multiple festivals like Ottawa Explosion, Calgary’s Sled Island, Edmonton’s Up + DT fest, Ottawa’s Megaphono and Halifax’s Pop Explosion. They currently make Ottawa, Ontario, Canada their home base.

'Cotton Candy Jet Engine' is now available for pre-order and for record collectors, it is also available on pink vinyl from their Bandcamp page here.

Limited to only 212 copies!

"This two-piece would be equally at home playing to the beard-strokers at a Warhol Factory Party as they would be ignoring their neighbour’s angry knocks for making too much racket in the garage". - Sled Island 

"Expanda Fuzz may be my new favorite band." - Brent Oliver, Artistic Director, Up + DT Festival

"Like Mazzy Star run through a vintage fuzz pedal and synched to beats." - Expanda Fuzz Elevator Pitch

"Think Kim Deal fronting the Velvet Underground, or Mary Timony jamming with Suicide." - Expanda Fuzz explaining how they sound

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Photo by Petr Maur

Photo by Petr Maur