"Bleuets" Bio - One Sheet

RIYL: Distorted bass, droney-garage-pop melodies, fuzzy-feedbacking guitars

Sounds like: The Breeders, The Velvet Underground, Suicide, Helium

Release Date: "Bleuets" - September 2016

Recommended singles: Flavour : Zombie, The Disco Sounds Of Roof Rack

Bio: Expanda Fuzz is a duo from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, conceived while attempting to rip apart a Pink Floyd song with a distorted bass and a fuzz-driven guitar through a ripped speaker cabinet...while playing to a Roland 404 sampler. 

The result of that experiment can be heard on the duo’s first record ‘Bleuets’, where they showcase their brand of catchy, drone-y, post-punk songs that hook heavily into a psych-garage sound.

Think Kim Deal fronting the Velvet Underground, or Mary Timony jamming with Suicide. 

The band was formed in 2016, and during last year, they performed notable festivals like Ottawa Explosion and Edmonton's Up + Downtown Festival

They released their first EP 'Bleuets' in the late summer of 2016. 

That was followed, appropriately in September with the single 'Sonic Halo', an original track backed with Earth Wind and Fire's 'September'.

Watch for much more from Expanda Fuzz in 2017! 

'Bleuets' is now available for download and for record collectors, it is also available on gorgeous black and white splatter vinyl from their web site.

Limited to 100 copies only!

Contact the band:  expandafuzz@gmail.com

Follow Expanda Fuzz online: