Expanda Fuzz covers Rough Trade’s High School Confidential

Illustration by meltingplastic

Covers are always fun and this one was a blast. 

Expanda Fuzz was recently asked to contribute a Canadian cover song to a great collective of musicians here in Ottawa called ‘The Centretown Recording Alliance‘ to celebrate Canada Day. 

We chose the iconic Rough Trade song High School Confidential and thought that it was the perfect track as Canada Day also coincided with the Pride celebrations going on in Toronto that weekend.

Meltingplastic’s artwork for the track pays tribute to Carole Pope‘s lyrics during the song when she compares her fixation to 50s bombshells, including Mamie Van Doren

And just the mention of that name will put Ms. Pope’s iconic, sultry lyrics bouncing around your head. 

We’re liking this cover and hope you think we did it justice:



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